Our Vision

thread technology

We take our customers in the global fashion supply chain on a journey of transformational change that will deliver enhanced performance and real competitive advantage.

We specialise in developing technology based solutions that deliver significant and measurable cost, speed and productivity improvements to fashion brands, retailers, garment manufacturers and fabric mills.

Ultimately, we believe that a faster, more reliable, transparent and efficient supply chain should be within everyone’s reach.

Our Values

  • Passion for results: At our core is the passion to deliver the best possible experience for our clients. We take pride in our solutions and our work and will go above and beyond to deliver our promises.
  • Innovation: We respond with urgency to opportunities and problems. We are constantly shaping solutions to achieve new breakthroughs.
  • Team work: Partnering closely with clients delivers the best solution. We work together providing on-going long term support.
  • Leadership: We immerse ourselves in our industry and its challenges to develop unparalleled industry expertise. As leaders, it is our responsibility to share ideas and information with the industry.
  • Embracing change: We thrive on making sense of dynamic situations. We believe that where there is change, there is opportunity to make progress and improvement.
  • Excellence every day: We always deliver on our promises to the highest possible standards. Our future relies on our client track record of continuous improvement.
  • Global expertise, delivered locally: We have a truly global perspective. We understand the dynamics of this global industry and have the capabilities for global leadership. We use this knowledge to deliver the best solution locally.

Our History

stitch and seam technology

Coats Global Services is part of Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer, with 250 years of fashion expertise. Coats operates across six continents, at some 50 sites and has a sales presence in over 100 countries. Coats is a key supplier to the world’s leading apparel and footwear brands.

As pressures on the fashion supply chain have increased, customers demand for improved operational efficiency has increased. Using unparalleled technical expertise, Coats Global Services was established to partner with brands, garment manufacturers and fabric mills to deliver productivity improvements. Coats Global Services is leading the way for the global garment industry by providing expert diagnoses and best-in-class technology based solutions.

In May 2015, Coats Global Services acquired GSD, the global standard for garment costing. Through forty years of scientific research, the GSD methods analysis solution guarantees significant cost and productivity improvement to the sewn products industry.  GSD’s globally accepted Predetermined Times System is acknowledged as the de-facto standard and universal unit of measure for labour and time cost in the sewn products sector.  GSD software solutions are implemented in 65 countries by 5,000 customers worldwide.

In May 2016, Coats Global Services acquired Fast React. Founded in 1997, Fast React is a global provider of software solutions, specifically for the fashion industry, from specialist planning and tracking solutions to wider business applications. With extensive operational experience in textiles, apparel, footwear and garments, it has developed systems that meet the exact needs of the industry. Fast React software is used in more than 40 countries.