The best way to develop new styles, plan and execute production orders. Specialist fashion e-PLM, sourcing and manufacturing planning solutions.

Fast React makes the complicated, simple. Our specialist software solutions improve and accelerate the entire new product development, sourcing, capacity planning and order execution lifecycle. This enables brands, manufacturers and fabric mills to achieve a whole new level of visibility, coordination and control. Ultimately, this drives improved efficiency and speed to market.

Our Products
Fast React Vision

Visionng: e-PLM for Fashion

Our specialist, highly intuitive e-PLM software simplifies and streamlines your new product design and development processes, by improving business connectivity and dramatically reducing manual processes. Available on a modular basis, Visionng also supports fast and efficient sourcing, drawing on our unparalleled supply chain reach and expertise to provide best in class purchase order tracking and supplier collaboration. Visionng saves you time and money by:

  • Giving effective control of new style development and end to end management of critical path.
  • Reducing lead times through improved coordination.
  • Providing effective collaboration with global teams and supply chain.
  • Reducing excess costs in key areas including sampling, product adoption and OTDP.
  • Improving supplier collaboration with universal, fast access to accurate information driving efficiency, speed and compliance.
Fast React Evolve

Evolve: Fashion manufacturing planning

Our highly visual and dynamic planning tools allow effective head office capacity planning, as well as fast, detailed and accurate scheduling of production lines, machines and supporting processes. This boosts productivity because you can:

  • Make a realistic plan, quickly: With fast and accurate information, you can make informed decisions and realistic commitments. Our dynamic solution means that your plan and all associated priorities are constantly updated. This allows you to see challenges early and adapt accordingly. The result is increased capacity utilisation and factory efficiency.
  • Control pre-production and materials: Evolve brings capacity, critical path and materials availability into a single, integrated system. This removes huge amounts of manual process and drives clear priorities, ensuring pre-production approvals, materials and trims are always available at the right time.
  • Eradicate late deliveries: This is achieved by
    • Making realistic commitments, empowered by more informed and up to date information.
    • Working to clear, coordinated priorities, to better maximise on time start.
    • Receiving regular updates and early warnings, so you can adapt to the latest situation.

With Evolve, you have the best chance to deliver on time and to shorter lead times.

Fast React Align

Align: Textile manufacturing planning

Our dynamic textile planning solution allows management of both long term capacity and short term scheduling. This highly visual tool enhances control of multi-process manufacturing, including capacity, materials and inventory. Align helps you by:

  • Having a faster and more accurate order confirmation process.
  • Improving awareness of free capacity to sell.
  • Reducing inventory by prioritising material requirements.
  • Improving control of work in progress.
  • Improving tracking and order status information for customer reporting.
  • Reducing fire-fighting, hence lower excess costs.
  • Improving delivery performance through better control.