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The best way to cost and make a garment. Implemented in more than 5,000 brands and manufacturers in 65 countries.

There’s only one industry standard to benchmark time and costs in factories. There’s only one common language for time, cost, capacity and compliance, spoken between brands and their vendor partners.  And there’s only one solution that allows you to optimise time and cost from the moment the lines start running.

The GSD methods analysis and predetermined times solution is widely acknowledged as the de-facto international standard across the sewn products industry.

Our Products

For garment manufacturing

GSD Enterprise is a software module which, when combined with training and GSD Practitioner accreditation, helps Industrial and Production Engineers establish and optimise “International Standard Time” for all apparel and sewn products.  At the heart of the methodology is “GSD”, (General Sewing Data) consisting of standard motion codes and times which represent repetitive motion and activities in the workplace.  GSD Enterprise helps garment manufacturers by:

  • Delivering productivity improvements by optimising the construction method, improving operational efficiencies and reducing manufacturing time
  • Mitigating against labour cost increases by allowing informed pre-production decision making and establishing accurate manufacturing time and costs that can be subsequently cost engineered and optimised
  • Providing construction method standardisation thereby guaranteeing ongoing consistent quality of production
  • Improving on-time delivery performance by guaranteeing accurate and consistent costing and production planning information together with the associated efficiencies of their factories and production lines
  • Ensuring fair wage compliance by helping companies set realistic, achievable and measurable production targets based on objective and reliable parameters, whilst at the same time allowing high levels of worker motivation and retention
  • Maintaining preferred vendor status with their unparalleled combination of productivity improvements, cost optimisation, faster on time delivery and business reliability

For brands and retailers

GSD QUEST is a pre-costing software solution which enables staff with little or no manufacturing expertise to quickly develop a “time-cost analysis” for any chosen apparel product through the use of standard product templates and a simple “drag and drop” approach.

Used at an early stage in the product development cycle, design and cost variations can be assembled and assessed, and the optimum price/performance balance achieved as part of a cost and value comparison. The design team can play “what if” with product components to reduce the Standard Time to achieve lower “in store” price points, and optimise the associated margins and supply chain options.

Combining creativity with manufacturability, QUEST uses standard components and data libraries to establish an internal labour time and cost estimate using the same principles, standard and parameters used in production and within GSD Enterprise. This provides an accurate and realistic pre-production benchmark and also reduces sampling rounds and costly re-design activity, thereby enabling enhanced on time delivery performance and lead-time reduction.